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Benghazi Butt Plug


3D Printed Sculptures


  • 3D printed Color Sandstone
  • in: 2.943 w x 2.863 d x 1.523 h
  • cm: 7.474 w x 7.272 d x 3.868 h

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Republicans Have Been Screwing the middle class for decades.. and now thanks to their intense Gerrymandering and Koch brothers style multimillion dollar "Donations" they longer have to worry about losing campaigns. They Now focus on making their billionaire buddies richer and richer. They manage to keep masses from rioting by constantly distracting them fake scandals.. They want to turn Medicare into a Coupon system? Benghazi!!.. They want to Abolish Social Security? Benghazi!!.. They filibuster a multibillion dollar Bill aimed at helping Veterans they created? IRS!! i mean Benghazi!! BenGhazi!! This butt plug pretty much represents what The Republican Party has been doing for decades.. Screwing the middle class

I'm so sick of this conspiracy theory. There is so much this unproven conspiracy theory that i won't get into it just google recent debunking articles about it. Anyways if you are sick of hearing about the fake IRS story, the Benghazi Theory or the Birth Certificate theory as much as i am.. Next Time you hear someone talking about this republican created nonsense.. Tell them to grab this Benghazi nonsense and shove it where the sun don't shine!!

If you are looking for some convincing you can watch this new Lindsay Graham attack ad/ campaign ad / idiot on TV ad about Benghazi Just released today! talk about a coincidence.. Does someone know if i can get in contact with his campaign manager.. i really want to send this guy one.. I'm just afraid he might like it too much


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