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Mitch McTurtle McConnell (R-Ky.) the Inaction Figure


3D Printed Sculptures


  • 3D printed Color Sandstone
  • in: 3.146 w x 3.836 d x 1.834 h
  • cm: 7.99 w x 9.744 d x 4.658 h

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follow my work at politicalsculptor.com
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follow me on facebook at facebook.com/politicalsculptor  We all have heard of the Kennedys in United States.. Well meet the mayor of Toronto, Canada!! This guy and family believe themselves to be the equivalent of the Kennedys in the USA.. I'm not sure how accurate this is but people in canada love this guy!!

They love this guy that they are willing to vote for him even if he had a few incidents where he was rumored, video taped, and pictured using drugs and or being under the influence. If you google this guy you can see tons of videos this guy or people talking about him.

As messed up this drug addicted mayor might be, i honestly envy Canada.. I rather have a crack head mayor than a corrupted, pay to play, power hungry, bridge closing, pension stealing, teacher bashing, bully politician running my city or state.

Anyways enough about our corrupted American politicians.. Let's talk about this chubby mayor of toronto.. This guy comes with a pink donut and a rock.. because everyone loves rocks!! However, you can put anything in his hands like a mini whiskey bottle, a cigarette, or an engagement ring!! .. (if you do, please take a picture and send it to me :)

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