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Vlad The Impaler- the Putin Pencil Holder


3D Printed Sculptures


  • 3D printed Color Sandstone
  • IN: 1.435 w x 1.842 d x 2.703 h
  • CM: 3.646 w x 4.678 d x 6.866 h h

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I always been skeptical of doing memes. Specially since a lot of my figures are politically oriented. However, when one of my friends suggested i made skeptical African Child i dropped everything i was doing and worked on it till 4 am that night.

I'm always trying to outdo myself on each piece but this time i think i brought my best with this piece. I'm really proud how this piece came out and i couldn't have done it with a better meme. The photo quality of this guy i astonishing specially without any reference pictures!!

I hope you guys enjoy this piece as much as i do..

The wifi is down? the paper is out on the printer? the fridge is ful of food? well take a quick look at skeptical african child and get some perspective on your 1st world problems and be thankful for what you have.

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